Node js Web Application Architecture

NASA revealed that Node.js made migrating data from legacy databases to a cloud database effortless. Twitter reported a 30% faster launch time and quick loading on slower connections after employing Node.js. And Netflix migrated their backend from Java to Node.js which resulted in a decrease in startup time from 40 minutes to 60 seconds. All of these libraries combined make Node js architecture perfect for being used at the backend of our application. External resources– These are resources used for blocking clients’ requests, computation, data storage, etc. Thread pool– It is a pool of all the threads available in node js for carrying out tasks required to fulfill clients’ requests.

node.js web application architecture

Express provides a thin layer of fundamental web application features, without obscuring Node.js features that you know and love. Products Ruby Monitoring Deep performance analysis and transaction traces for Ruby appsPython Monitoring Deep performance analysis and transaction traces for Django and Flask apps. Now let’s understand each part of the Node.js architecture and the workflow of a web server developed using Node.js. Join us if you’re a developer, software engineer, web designer, front-end designer, UX designer, computer scientist, architect, tester, product manager, project manager or team lead. I have described what we hope to do with the Node.js reference architecture.

What is Web Application Architecture? How It Works, Trends, Best Practices and More

These tools can help you identify your code’s potential bugs and harmful patterns. Formatters ensure consistent formatting and styling across your whole project. The main goal of both these tools is to improve code quality and readability. Data access layer – Responsible for handling database, this layer fetches from, writes to, and updates the database. It also defines SQL queries, database connections, models, ORMs, etc. Nodejs server – It accepts user requests, processes them, and returns the results to the corresponding users.

For blocking requests, a single thread is assigned to the process for completing the task by using external resources. Software architecture is defined as the software infrastructure within which application components providing user functionality can be specified, deployed, and executed. He criticized the limited possibilities of Apache HTTP Server and the most common way of creating code. Ryan said that the right way to handle several concurrent connections was to have a single-thread, an event loop, and non-blocking I/Os. Fun fact, even though there’s just one main thread for all the executions, there are tons of auxiliary threads in the kernel system that node js uses for its operations. All these groups of threads working together are known as the worker pool which is implemented in Libuv and manages multiple threads according to the requirements.

Web Application Architecture: Traverse Through The Untold

Node.js offers fast performance and data processing; highly reusable code; the code is easy to learn, write, read, and maintain; huge resource library. 85% of Node.js developers use it for web app development, and the other 43% use it for enterprise-grade applications. Are you at a crossroad looking for a web architect for your business application? All the web application components are made by running two sets of code simultaneously – that is on the client-side & server-side. Hence a framework that coordinates and binds these interactions together is the typical web application development architecture.

  • The reason the above factors are necessary is because, with the right attributes, you can build a better app.
  • The waiter then goes to the kitchen, which is the model/database, and gets food to serve the customers, which is the controller handling the request.
  • He criticized the limited possibilities of Apache HTTP Server and the most common way of creating code.
  • As the product was related to stock market analytics, there was a need to process vast amounts of data in real time.
  • Node’s scalability is achieved by the load balancing and the capability to handle a huge number of concurrent connections.

As a result, web application architecture includes all sub-components and external applications interchanges for an entire software application. We have created a schema to store our user information in our database inside the User.js folder within the model folder. To see how this works, let’s make a POST request on the Registration page. The controller interacts with the model and serves the response and functionality to the view.

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Today, Node.js servers are used in production for applications and enterprises that cater to hundreds of millions of users worldwide – Netflix, Linkedin, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Paypal and many more. To give you an estimate of it’s popularity, Node’s package manager, NPM, registers billions of downloads each week. We’ve helped multiple clients build enterprise-level apps with Node.js. SenTMap, a sentiment-based market analytics engine, is one such app.

Our “Show Node.js” tool makes it easy to learn Node.js, it shows both the code and the result. then compares the entered password with the one previously encrypted in the database. Req.body is an Express API that holds the submitted parameters through the frontend of our application.

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The popularity of progressive web applications and similar solutions for the web keeps increasing. Many companies of various scales have already profited node.js web application architecture from it by applying web architecture best practice for their business. As technology continues to evolve, so does web application architecture.

node.js web application architecture

Your breakpoint will be hit and you can view and step through the simple application. Notice that VS Code displays a different colored Status Bar to indicate it is in Debug mode and the DEBUG CONSOLE is displayed. Also notice that VS Code knows that msg is a string based on the initialization to ‘Hello World’. You’ll see IntelliSense showing all of the string functions available on msg.

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You will require systems to deliver the messages to clients rapidly, which becomes an issue when the user base keeps increasing. In addition, sometimes, there is a chance that users may miss out on the message as they’re not available. So, it’s the system’s responsibility to ensure that clients receive the message when they come online. When developers make a change in Node.js, only a specific Node is affected. In comparison, other frameworks require making changes to the core programming.

node.js web application architecture

After the above steps, a single thread from the thread pool is assigned to a complex request, one at a time. This thread is the one that is responsible for completing specific blocking requests by allocating external resources like databases, file systems, etc. Moreover, Python offers instruments for further support of your web application software architecture.


However, to run a Node.js application, you will need to install the Node.js runtime on your machine. Its very helpful not only for fresher but also for experienced developers… Tejas is a Senior Tech Consultant at Simform excelling in mobile and server-side technologies, with extensive experience in working closely with startups and enterprises. His expertise in understanding tech has helped businesses achieve excellence over the long run. With continuous monitoring and follow-up on various issues, there’s every chance that your application will perform at its best for a more extended period.