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A significant sign that you are dealing with a top-tier candidate is several successful JavaScript products in their portfolio, as well as over three years experience with React Native. This person also needs to have team management and tech leadership skills. In brief, it renders ready-made UI components and does not require web view downloading, which also means it requires fewer resources to perform well. Apps of this kind also easily access hardware in-built features such as cameras, GPS tracking tools, and many others.

You react native developer should know technical expertise includes the capacity to write clear, effective and performance-oriented codes. However, it is critical to know that under all circumstances, your mobile app development should perform at its peak level. The demand for React Native app development services is rising, but so is the number of developers. The competition to be amongst the best RN developers is tough, and therefore it is necessary to sharpen your skill set. Other than the technical skills, your developers should possess a proper work ethic.

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We develop IoT, IIoT, mobile applications, web applications, and custom software solutions. They are a JavaScript developer who has gone deeper into the React Native framework and has experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps in this way. You’ll rarely find a “pure” React Native developer while looking through your candidates’ resumes. Most developers will describe themselves as JavaScript specialists and mention their React Native skills as a secondary point within their skillset.

  • React Native developer jobs offer a world of opportunities in the thriving realm of mobile app development.
  • Industries with particularly high demand for React Native developers include e-commerce, healthcare, finance, entertainment, and travel.
  • The average salary of a junior-level developer is 3 times less than one of a React Native software architect.
  • Even a web developer with a requirement of existing knowledge of JavaScript can create mobile applications.

Using CSS, you can style the user interface components by applying various style rules. The same skills are required for React Native as well since it is based on React. According to, the average react native developer salary in Canada is $130,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $177,075 per year. Hiring react native developer not only saves your time and cost but also results in improved performance, speed, and experience.

Technical Skills Required to Be a React Native Developer

Middle developers are specialists with at least two years of work experience. They have worked on several different projects and possess problem-solving skills, are able to work independently, and are willing to take ownership of their work. Even if a junior developer doesn’t have any work experience, they should have pet projects where they’ve practiced all these skills.

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We are here to talk about one of the popular roles based on React Native app development – React Native Developer. Learning both technologies will help you to create reusable components that will further make your code easy to maintain and readable. As React Native is a cross-platform framework that uses JavaScript and React concepts to create native mobile apps. A react native developer or programmer who works on building perfectly functioning applications both for technologies in a significant amount of time and with only one code language. Anyone can just use JavaScript to make native mobile apps by using the React Native framework. It is essential to know that Java and Swift/Obj-C would be required to program your android and iOS mobile application.

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So take your time to think about what other skills your React Native developer should possess. In the process of developing an application, errors need to be fixed and your app needs to be tested to check whether it’s working smoothly or not. So debugging and testing skills are very important skills that you should test while hiring a React Native developer. If he can show you a mobile app that he has developed using React Native, it means he has working knowledge of React Native. Hiring a React Native developer that fits well with your team and has all the skills and experience necessary may sound like a tiresome feat, but we promise it’s possible. In fact, that’s exactly why we recently published a step-by-step guide on how you can identify and hire the right React Native developer.

React Native, on the other hand, focuses on the mobile platform rather than the browser. Through React Native, you can create robust mobile applications that are versatile, budget-friendly, and easy to update, maintain, and support. The ideal candidate for your project is someone who has all the skills your project requires. If your project is growing and you already have a team of developers that can support and mentor a newcomer, you can hire a junior developer. If your team doesn’t have any React Native specialists, then you’ll need someone with a higher level of seniority. If you’ve already hired JavaScript developers, then you have an idea of ​​how these factors affect the budget and you can evaluate your project in terms of programming complexity.

LogRocket: Instantly recreate issues in your React Native apps.

A lot of specialists add a link to their GitHub account in their CV to demonstrate their skills. Some may even boast of developing libraries that other developers use for their projects. Sometimes you react native the practical guide need to hire a React Native app developer for a certain high position in the company. Tech Lead and Software Architect positions have slightly different tasks and requirements to that of a developer.

A developer who knows React can target and build apps for any platform supported by React Native. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the core technologies of the web that are required to learn React. React is purely written in JavaScript with some HTML-like syntax, called JSX, for creating the UI components. React Native is a great choice for creating high-quality, native-like user experiences without compromising quality and functionality. It reduces load time, offers platform consistency, and smooth UIs, making app development quicker.

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This is obvious as using React Native, you can build a single app for different platforms (Android and iOS). By using the same codebase for multiple platforms results in cost-saving and time-saving. Cross-platform development saves time as it offers maximum code reusability except for native UI components building. The purpose of JavaScript Mastery is to help aspiring and established developers to take their development skills to the next level and build awesome apps.” To hire dedicated developers, it is essential to follow the step-by-step guide of hiring models. We have covered step-by-step guides that will help you in the process of hiring a react native developer.

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However, it is vital to remember that these programmers define, create, integrate, test, release, troubleshoot, and enhance apps using React Native tools. However, the React developer must be capable of writing and debugging programme code using the React framework’s tools and libraries. The consistency in fundamentals is the most important quality you can have. HTML and CSS are the foundations for creating basic websites, while Javascript allows you to add a plethora of functionality to your software.

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As prospective developers, they need to have experience in building applications using React Native. If you’re considering working with a React Native development team, you can find one on Clutch, GoodFirms,, or These platforms collect clients’ feedback about development teams all over the world.

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